Kris "Captain Awesome" Hocum

Kris was born in Upland, CA on May 11th 1985. He moved along side his family to Colorado where he grew up. Kris was very athletic growing up and excelled at a lot of sports. Football, Lacrosse and Wrestling where his big 3. He won the state championship title for wrestling his senior year in high school.


After high school, Kris went on to wrestle in college for the Airforce Academy. After Kris came back, he attended CSU briefly. Shorlty after Kris landed himself a job in the financial industry. Kris began to train Jujitsu under Kenny Berg. Due to some health complications he had to sideline his MMA career for a few years.


When Trials MMA opened in Fort Collins, Kris began training under Ed Herman and Ryan Shultz. Trials has been the spark that ignited Kris' MMA dream.


Kris currently holds the 170lb Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz title.


Outside of MMA, Kris and his wife Jessica have a son, Landen Kristopher. Kris also enjoys entrepreneurship, leadership, good movies and America.